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Friday, March 16, 2018

The Other Side of the Bridge By Camron Wright-Blog Tour Review

Product Details

  • Title: The Other Side of the Bridge
  • Author: Camron Wright
  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Shadow Mountain (March 6, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1629724106
  • FTC, FYI: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Book Synopsis
Katie Connelly has lived in San Francisco all her life. Her late father made his career on the Golden Gate Bridge, and the many stories of how he saved jumpers still haunt her. And now her job assignment is to write about the history of the bridge—a history that includes a secret journal about a promise ring and a love story that may be the answer to her unresolved sorrow.

Meanwhile, Dave Riley, a marketing executive in New York, has sorrows of his own. Grasping at straws after tragedy strikes his family, he decides to follow a daydream that has turned into an obsession: to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge on a motorcycle on the Fourth of July.

Does the bridge somehow mysteriously hold the answer both Katie and Dave are looking for? Or will they find something completely different when they get to the other side?

The Other Side of the Bridge Book Trailer

My Review

Reading The Other Side of the Bridge is more than just reading a book, it's an experience. Readers are quickly immersed into the lives of two different people, Dave Riley from New York City and Katie Connelly from San Francisco. I enjoyed how the story was told from the two different POV's and it was intriguing how the author slowly wove together their two paths. 

Dave at the beginning is happy and successful in his life, but experiencing the often mid-life crisis that people go through in their 40's. He has a loving wife, three children, and a good career. Soon in the story tragedy comes into his life changing everything and leaving him sad, grief stricken, and doing a lot of soul searching. 

Kate is a grad student, single, and dealing with the loss of her father and her fiance'. She is researching about the people who built the Golden Gate Bridge. Her father had worked there his whole life and had found a journal of a man who'd been one of the many who'd built the bridge. Kate becomes obsessed with finding more about the mysterious journal writer, Patrick O'Riley.

I loved the journey that both of these individuals go through. I could relate to many of their feelings as they both were going through the grief process. Both Dave and Kate live through many depressing things, but through these experiences their healing is taking place. I truly liked the reality of this story in showing how a journey of healing happens and that it is hard work. It doesn't happen quickly. There isn't a lot of happiness in your life as you grieve. There are many questions someone asks wondering why these things are happening to them. Camron Wright does a fabulous job with his powerful writing, with words and characters that stayed with me even when I wasn't reading at the moment. 

This story takes you to places that you don't see coming;Dave and his journey on a Harley and Kate finding clues for her project from strangers, brings about some true surprises. I've loved the other books I've read from this author and this one, though different, wasn't an exception at all. Readers will be taken on a powerful and soul changing journey where some important life lessons are conveyed. The Other Side of the Bridge was an amazing novel of hope, healing, and second chances. I highly recommend this book!  

About the Author: Meet Camron Wright

Camron Wright was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a master’s degree in Writing and Public Relations from Westminster College. He has owned several successful retail stores in addition to working with his wife in the fashion industry, designing for the McCall Pattern Company in New York.

Camron began writing to get out of attending MBA school at the time, and it proved the better decision. His first book, Letters for Emily, was a Readers Choice Award winner, as well as a selection of the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild. Letters for Emily has been published in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, and China.

The Rent Collector, his second book, won Best Novel of the Year from the Whitney Awards and was a nominee for the prestigious International DUBLIN Literary Award. 

The Orphan Keeper, his third book, won 2016 Book of the Year, Gold accolades in Multicultural Fiction from Foreword Reviews, and was winner of Best General Fiction from the Whitney Awards. 

His fourth book, The Other Side of the Bridge, will be released in March of 2018.

Camron lives with his wife, Alicyn, just south of Salt Lake City at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. He is the proud father of four children, all girls but three.

Learn more about Camron here at his website:

Unlike my previous books, which were all to some degree based on real people and events, the plot in The Other Side of the Bridgeshould be considered fiction. That said, the characters’ backgrounds and some of the events are based on real situations. Also, the historical aspects of the Golden Gate Bridge should generally be accurate, since the information was taken from real letters and histories of the bridge.
It’s hard to say, since it’s a story I’ve tinkered with for years. My wife loved it and constantly encouraged me to pursue its publication with more persistence. To that end, I submitted the story to the current publisher years ago and they turned it down, saying it wasn’t the type of story they were seeking. Years later, when they asked if I had another story for them, I submitted it to them again, not telling them they’d already turned it down. This time, however, they loved it, saying it was exactly the type of story they were seeking. It goes to show that in life, timing is everything.
*******Purchase 'The Other Side of the Bridge'*******

Interesting Golden Gate Bridge Facts 
The Numbers...The Golden Gate Bridge is 8,981 feet long (1.7 miles) and has towers that stand 746 feet above the water. The bridge contains approximately 88,000 tons of steel and a total weight of 887,000 tons. The two main cables that drape across the towers are 36 3/8 inches in diameter. They were spun from 80,000 miles of galvanized steel wire, a process that took just over 6 months. The bridge is 90 feet wide with six driving lanes and two sidewalks. Construction on the bridge began on January 5, 1933. It took four years to build and was finished in 1937, ahead of schedule and a million dollars under budget.

The Poetry: 
In honor of the bridge’s completion, chief engineer Joseph Strauss wrote a poem entitled The Mighty Task is Done. 
Here is an excerpt: 
At last the mighty task is done; Resplendent in the western sun The Bridge looms mountain high; Its titan piers grip ocean floor, Its great steel arms link shore with shore, Its towers pierce the sky…

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Loving the Book Party and Blitz Event

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Protective Warrior By Cami Checketts-99 cents for 2 days only! Enter the Nani Swimsuit Giveaway!

  The Protective Warrior by Cami Checketts 
 A daughter escaping, a Navy SEAL sent to protect her, and the beautiful island that might prove more dangerous than her father. Ally, daughter of the Duke of Gunthry, has spent her life terrified of her father and dreams of the day when she can escape his tyrannical rule. When her mum helps her escape to the beautiful island of Kauai, Ally thinks she’s found paradise and maybe more with the handsome River who keeps crossing her path. But there are unexpected enemies lurking in the shadows. And no matter how tough River seems, no one can withstand the army her father will send when he discovers her location. River Duncan is part of an elite security task force of ex-Navy SEALS. Little does he know his first assignment might prove irresistible to resist and protect. When he finds himself falling for the fun-loving Ally he plans to resign his position so they can join forces in their common goal of fighting human trafficking. River has never underestimated the enemy before, but is he fully prepared to protect and love Alexandria Gunthry? Will River’s protection and Ally’s love be enough to conquer a lifetime of fear and responsibilities? Or will they be forced to give up on their dreams in the face of her sadistic and powerful father?

  Praise for The Protective Warrior 
 I've read pretty much every Cami Checketts book, and I think this is my favorite of all time ever! I absolutely love the way Cami Checketts is able to sweep me away to an exotic location, completely immersing me in the story. She always adds an element of suspense that keeps me on my toes and I was almost looking over my shoulder while hiking the lush trails of Kauai this afternoon. It doesn't get any better than this! An excellent read from start to finish! I love this book! Outstanding! One of my all-time favorites! The Protective Warrior is the perfect balance of sweet romance and on-your-toes suspense. I loved it!  

“This seat taken?” a nicely timbered voice asked. Ally glanced up and took her time looking over him before she answered. He arched an eyebrow and smiled. “Did I pass muster?” “How do you do?” He cocked his head to the side. “I’m good. You?” Ally laughed. “I’m glad you’re good, but ‘how do you do’ is more like ‘hello.’” “Hello.” He smiled, and ooh, he was cute. “So I do pass muster?” He moved to sit down. Ally held out a hand. “Not so quick, chump.” His dark hair was short, military or missionary short, but it was nice—clean and thick and would probably feel good beneath her fingertips. His face was lean and proportioned with a firm jaw, a straight nose, and smooth, tanned skin. She liked the crinkles next to his eyes and mouth as he smiled at her, awaiting her perusal. He’d had some experiences in life, good and bad, if those crinkles told her anything. He was a big guy—broad and at least six-three with lots of lovely muscles peeking out from underneath his T-shirt and board shorts. It was his eyes that finally convinced her to accept his request. Their deep brown sparkled at her, though she could tell he could be very serious. He tapped the edge of his tray. “How about now?” “Okay, no harm in sharing a table.” She winked at him and picked a bite of rib off the bone, savoring the tang of the barbecue sauce and the heartiness of the meat. No, she never took men home, only selectively dated those who passed her intuition test. She trusted her intuition completely and she could have fun with this hot, tough-looking guy. He smiled and dug into his brisket. “Mm. This place is good.” “One of my favorites.” “Have you been on the island long?” She wished. “A few days.” “Oh. You act like a local.” He ate a bite of beans and took a drink of water before asking, “Which part of England are you from?” “London. Kensington, to be exact. You?” “Long Island originally. I like your accent a lot.” “I’ve been in the States for over six years, so it’s faded.” “Don’t let it fade.”      Author Cami Checketts Cami Checketts is married and the proud mother of four future WWF champions. Sometimes between being a human horse, cleaning up magic potions, and reading Bernstein Bears, she gets the chance to write fiction. Cami graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Exercise Science. She and her family live in the beautiful Cache Valley of Northern Utah. During the two months of the year it isn’t snowing, she enjoys swimming, biking, running, and water-skiing.

  Nani Swimsuit Giveaway To celebrate the release of The Protective One we are giving away an adorable Nani Swimsuit of your choice ($80 value). Enter to win below.
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Sugar and Spice and All Those Lies-Book Blitz and Giveaway

Evy Journey, writer, wannabe artist, and flâneuse (feminine of flâneur), wishes she lives in Paris where people have perfected the art of aimless roaming. Armed with a Ph.D., she used to research and help develop mental health programs.

She's a writer because beautiful prose seduces her and existential angst continues to plague her despite such preoccupations having gone out of fashion. She takes occasional refuge by invoking the spirit of Jane Austen to spin tales of love, loss, and finding one's way-stories into which she weaves mystery or intrigue.

Connect with the Author here: 

Gina's grandfather was a French chef whose life was cut short by a robber's bullet. The only lasting legacy he could leave his family was his passion and talent for cooking.

Growing up poor but with a mother who is a gifted cook. Gina learns cooking a great meal is an act of love. An art that sustains and enhances life.

A world of new challenges, new friends, and new loves opens up for her when she's chosen to cook for a Michelin-starred restaurant.

But danger lurks where one never expects it.
Can her passion for cooking help Gina survive and thrive in this world of privilege, pleasure and menace?

~ Amazon ~ Kobo ~ B&N


At this restaurant, the second one I've worked for, the clientele comes from the moneyed class. Privileged with money to spare. Money to put aside for a full-course dinner costing hundreds for two people. And that's without the wine. I could never dine here unless I gave up my apartment, banked all my earnings, and slept in my car or a homeless shelter for a whole week.

Our regular customers are often fifty years or older and established, and come twice, sometimes thrice a year for special occasions. Dining here twice a month? The guy at Table 29 must be worth diamonds to the restaurant.

I get shivers in my spine entering the dining room. I've only been in it when it's empty, quiet, and bright from lights and white tablecloths. This evening, the lighting is subdued and-yes-romantic, warmed by candles and small vases of bright yellow chrysanthemums on tables. Nonintrusive, soft music plays against the hum of voices from every table.

Table 29 usually sits four, but tonight it holds only two people. I'm surprised to see that they're quite young. Maybe about my age or a little older. And attractive. Now I'm even more curious. And intrigued. Mature and rich or nearly rich, I've seen a lot of. But filthy rich and young? Well, I must at least sneak a peek at what this priceless diamond looks like.

For now, though, I'm a willing peon, as grateful as strawberry blond is when I started learning the ropes in this exclusive eatery. So, I focus on the course I'm serving Table 29. How I perform at this restaurant decides whether my career goes haute cuisine or a la Burger King. But that last choice is really no choice at all. I'll work my butt off to make sure it stays that way. It's my future, after all, that I'm slaving for.

I recite to myself the script we've been trained to deliver. The script is quite simple, but this is my first foray into a dining room full of privileged clients. And hives are sprouting on my arms just thinking that I'm serving my creation to the restaurant's most valued client. If this guy doesn't like my dish and blabbers to Laure about it, I can kiss my future in haute cuisine goodbye. Laure is well-loved and well-known, and a word from her can make or break culinary dreams.

I quickly glance, first at his date then at him, vaguely taking in how they look. I take a deep breath, smile at neither one in particular and say, "Medallions of raw ahi, wasabi hollandaise, on a bed of diced cucumbers, vernissage cherry tomatoes, and capers, finished with a sprinkle of toasted nori. Bon appetit!"

Distractedly, my fixed smile still on, I wonder if "filthy rich" Table 29 guy holds my cooking future in his manicured hands-or, more likely, on his pampered taste buds. I take a couple of steps back, so they can start eating. Maybe I can catch a glimpse of whether he likes my dish or not before I go back to the kitchen. I'm also waiting for that "buzz" I've been made to expect. Nothing yet. Anything to say about my creation? Maybe that's what it takes.

But I'm new in this game and still a coward, so I chicken out as he picks up his fork. I control the urge in my legs to run backward to the kitchen. Be at your best, Gina. Be cool. But my ego will be in tatters if Mr. Filthy Rich doesn't like the dish.

To view our blog schedule and follow along with this tour visit our Official Event page 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Embers of Destruction (Book 3:Mysteries of COVE series) By J. Scott Savage-Book Review

Book Synopsis
It's time to take the battle to the dragons.
In the third and final volume of the bestselling Mysteries of Cove series, Trenton and Kallista--along with their friends, Plucky, Simoni, Angus, and Clyde--fly their mechanical dragons south toward San Francisco, looking to rescue any survivors from the battle of Seattle.

Arriving in San Francisco and investigating the area in secret, the young riders are reunited with Kallista's father, Leo Babbage, who reveals that the humans in the city are working as slaves to the dragons, but that they don't want to be rescued--himself included. He says they are being protected by their new master: a huge, powerful white dragon who lives in an impenetrable tower fortress overlooking the city. Kallista is stunned by the news. Why would her father ever willingly want to work for dragons?

Trenton and his friends are confronted by the guards and their mechanical dragons are seized. Evading capture, the young riders escape and begin looking for a way to break the white dragon's hold over the city--and over Leo. Working with the kids from the city, the young riders track down the source of the dragon's power to an underground chamber that is accessible only through an underwater passageway below the tower fortress.

With the white dragon watching their every move, Trenton and Kallista will need every bit of creativity and ingenuity they can manage to find a way to retrieve their stolen dragons, enter the tower fortress, and take down the dragons once and for all.
My Review:
This is the third and final book in this middle grade series. Please note here at the beginning of my review: you really need to read the first two books of the series before you read the third book. You will be pretty lost if you start out reading this third installment first.
I have loved this steam punk/fantasy series. I love dragons and you read of many dragons in this book. Embers of Destruction has a lot of action, along with some violence involving battles between the dragons and Trenton & Kallista's group of friends. They are on a search for survivors from a previous battle and end up finding a whole city of people being ruled by the dragons. At first, readers don't know how the dragons became the rulers of the city, but eventually the clues come together with the truth. I felt bad for Trenton as he tries hard to keep all of his friends together. Kallista is pulled in different directions as her loyalties are tested, those to her friends and her father. There are many moments when you could feel how down and out the tweens/teens are as they try to figure out a way to solve all of their problems. Once again Trenton proves to be my favorite character as he shows a lot of growth mentally and in his own personal character. 
A small warning, there is a character death near the end that surprised me, but made sense story wise. It actually made me change my mind about this character in the long run. This story and series is great to teach readers about friendship, loyalty, and never giving up. All of the young people learn that they all can be more than they ever thought they could be. What a great thing to teach kids in today's world. Adults, kids, tweens and teens will love this book: And...of course, if you like dragons, this book and series is one you'll want to read. What a great ending to the Mysteries of COVE series.
Purchase and Add to Your Reading List
Books in the Series

About the Author

J. Scott Savage is the author of the Farworld series, the Case File 13 series, and the Mysteries of Cove series. He grew up in Northern California and now lives in Utah with his wife, four children, and several adorable grandkids.

J. Scott has held too many jobs to count, including: a mall Santa, French chef, CEO of a dot com, plumber, radio station talk show host, and the guy who sits in the little photo developing booth. He has completed one marathon and hopes to complete another when the memories finally fade away. He loves reading, writing, camping, playing games with his family, and especially hearing from and meeting his readers.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Beneath the Bellemont Sky by Ranee S. Clark {Blog Tour Review and Giveaway}

Product Details

Beneath the Bellemont Sky 
By: Ranee S. Clark

Paperback, 193 pages
Published March 2018 by Covenant Communications 
  • ISBN-10: 1524402788
FTC,FYI: I received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Book Synopsis
As WWII draws to a close, war widow Vera Larsen Trumbell knows all too well the sacrifices of those left on the home front. Working on her family's farm has sustained Vera and her young children, but she now yearns for a sense of normalcy. The end of the war has been bittersweet for the Larsen clan as they and the residents of their small Wyoming town continue to pick up the pieces of their former lives.

Navigating the complexities of a postwar world, Vera and her family face the changing ideals swirling around them. From rising controversy surrounding women's presence in the workplace to the town's cold reception of the newest member of the family—a beautiful French freedom fighter—the American dream of days gone by has been thrown off balance. Even Vera's own life is set spinning when, despite her better judgment, she feels a growing attraction for the brooding and mysterious local schoolteacher.

As the Larsen family and their neighbors tread on thorny territory, will the people of this small town find the strength to embrace an unfamiliar and extraordinary future.

My Review:
This end of World War II novel is centered around the Larsen family that reside in a small Wyoming town. The book is told from different perspectives of siblings in the Larsen family. It showcases how they all are adjusting to life post war.

I loved how loving and supportive the Larsen family is.They are close knit and would do anything to help each other. One of my favorite characters is Vera, a widow with four children. I also really liked her brother Andrew and his new wife, Josette. 

The novel is not fast paced, and tends to slow down at times. It does show the struggles of daily life on a farm in the mid 1940's. The heart of the novel is truly the family and their love for each other through good and bad times. Beneath the Bellemont Sky will be enjoyed by those who want to read about good people, dealing with life's trials with the help of a loving family. There are many heartwarming moments that will make you love this new novel.

Blog Tour Schedule: 
*March 9th,

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Spotlight: We Love Small Town Romance Blog Tour-Excerpts and Giveaway


Marrying the Wedding Crasher by Melinda Curtis
  This bachelor’s pretend girlfriend just made a shocking discovery— She’s pregnant! Although they dated for only a month, Harley O’Hannigan just agreed to be Vince Messina’s plus-one at a Harmony Valley wedding. Big mistake, given her deepening feelings for the tall, dark, unavailable bachelor. And what about Vince’s long-buried family history? Then there’s the growing secret that could transform this pretend relationship into the real thing…    

Praise for Melinda Curtis: "Wonderfully entertaining!" Jayne Ann Krentz, NYT Bestseller (referring to Playing for Love) "Reading Slade and Christine's story reminded me of why I enjoy romance. SEASON OF CHANGE has found a place on my keeper shelf!" Brenda Novak, NYT Bestseller
 Excerpt:Harley carried her tea and cookie, and joined Vince outside. She tried to make light of his reception with his ex-girlfriend. “You must have broken Sarah’s heart in high school. She latched onto you like a bride at a wedding dress clearance sale.” “That woman is scary.” Vince took Harley’s arm and led her down the sidewalk, adding in a lowered voice, “She pinched my butt.” “You lie.” Harley stopped, completely taken aback. “She wouldn’t do that in front of a roomful of people.” “Oh, yes, she did.” With a furtive glance over his shoulder—possibly to see if Sarah was following them—Vince tugged Harley back into motion. “Didn’t you see me jump?” Harley chuckled. She had. “Don’t laugh. You’re supposed to protect me from her.” “You should have bargained for a kiss in front of Sarah.” She knew the words were a mistake as soon as they left her mouth. “I still could.” Vince’s gaze fell to her lips, his steps downshifted to slow-mo and his expression turned serious. Harley’s breath caught in her throat. Against her better judgment. Against all experience to the contrary. Harley wanted to be held by Vince. Not for show. Not to fulfill her end of a bargain. But because she liked him and because, when he kissed her, when his arms came around her, she felt that all her mistakes didn’t matter. All her mistakes... Pride had led her to accept a job with Dan. Pride had made her show her sketches to him. Pride had made her quit. “You were wrong the other day about men needing pride,” Harley said. “Pride steals your footing. It makes you doubt. It brings you down.” To a place where you needed someone to lift you up. She wanted that someone to be Vince. But that would go against the pep talks she gave herself about being resilient, not to mention, Vince didn’t want to be her rock. “You don’t need another kiss.” Her voice was a thready whisper. He cocked a brow. “I don’t?” She hadn’t been talking to him. She’d been talking to herself, talking herself down from the kissing ledge. “No. You need this.” She didn’t kiss him. She hugged him. She hugged him tight. And, for just a moment, she didn’t worry about balconies in the clouds, dreams lost or hearts that might be broken.    
Author Melinda Curtis Melinda Curtis is an award-winning, USA Today Bestseller of over 40 romances. She writes sweet romance for Harlequin Heartwarming, sweet romantic comedies and sexy sports contemporary romances. When not working on DIY projects around their home, Melinda and her college sweetheart enjoy watching Duke mens basketball and visiting their three kids and one grandchild. Sign up for her mailing list to receive two free reads.
Always the Hero by Anna J. Stewart
  He never relied on anyone but himself...but he needs her now! Butterfly Harbor deputy Matt Knight wants two things: to date Lori Bradley and the chance to adopt Kyle, a troubled teen. Wounded in Afghanistan, Matt knows he can't move forward anchored to the past. But once he regains the guarded hotel manager's trust, will his need to protect those he loves cost him a future with this extraordinary woman?

Praise for Anna J Stewart “The talented Anna J Stewart delivers every time.” ~NYTimes Bestselling Author Brenda Novak “Anna J. Stewart will tug at your heartstrings more than once while leaving you utterly besotted with her characters.” ~The Romance Reviews
  Excerpt One: Matt Knight was all about doing right by people. Especially those he cared about. But there wasn’t any moving forward, not with his life, not with Lori, as long as he was still anchored to the past. The phone rang. Before Matt could reach for the receiver, Jasper answered. “It’s for you, Matt. A Chris Walters?” “That’s Kyle’s caseworker,” Matt said as he picked up his extension. “Chris? Kyle okay?” “Doing well, actually.” The social worker’s encouraging words belied the tension in his voice. “We’re still on track for an early release. For now at least.” “What’s that mean?” Matt squeezed the receiver so hard his fingers tingled. “What’s going on?” “The judge in charge of Kyle’s case is retiring. His replacement is reviewing all the cases ahead of time and, well, since we’re jumping beyond fosterage to adoption, she has some concerns about your living situation.” “What’s wrong with my living situation?” Matt asked. “I’ve got a room ready for him, he’ll have a part-time job with the sheriff’s department, and most importantly he’ll have more stability than he’s known in years.” “I’m on your side, remember? You don’t have to convince me. She’s not denying your petition, Matt, but she has suggested a female influence in the house wouldn’t be a bad thing for Kyle. And given your marital status...” “That’s about to be resolved.” Matt looked down at the papers on his desk. “I filed the divorce papers and am getting ready to sign them as we speak.” “Okay. We’ll have to see how that plays with the judge.” “Given Kyle’s last female influence was too hopped-up on prescription meds to give him a second thought, I wouldn’t think this would be any judge’s first concern.” Matt hated to speak ill of Kyle’s mother, but the truth was the truth. “It’s a concern, Matt. And the judge only suggested it would be in your and Kyle’s best interest if there was someone in your life to help bring a bit of balance. Even if it’s just a girlfriend, which brings me to what we talked about before. She’s going to want to call Lori as a character witness.” “Lori? How does she know about Lori?” The last time his heart had pounded this hard he’d been dodging bullets. “Because I listed her in my report. You said you were dating her, that you thought it was getting serious. Are you telling me something’s changed?” Changed? Other than Matt all but ignoring her the last few weeks while he got his head on straight and cleared the emotional deck? “No, nothing’s changed,” Matt blurted before his brain could catch up with the panic seizing his chest. He’d made a promise to Kyle, and Matt Knight never made a promise he couldn’t keep. “We’ve been seeing each other for a while, off and on.” Most recently off. All the more reason to remedy that. “She’s completely on board with me taking Kyle in.” “So you’re okay with her listed as a character witness? She’ll back up your statement should the judge want to call her in during Kyle’s hearing?” “Yeah, of course.” Matt swallowed the lie. Well, it wasn’t a lie exactly. Lori did know about Kyle but Matt’s current relationship with her might be a bit, well, up in the air. “Have they set a date yet for the hearing?” “Um, yeah. Hang on, I’ve got that right...” The sound of shuffling papers scraped against Matt’s ear. “Three weeks from Monday. Looks like the judge has us penciled in for two in the afternoon.” Matt scribbled the date on his calendar, noting that was the same day as the big welcome dinner that opened the Butterfly Festival. That would take some juggling given it was all hands on deck in town for the department. “I’ll be there.” Somehow. “I thought I’d come up and see him in a couple of weeks. Need to figure out my days off.” “You’re on the visitor’s list for anytime,” Chris said. “I’m glad you told me about Lori. This will go a long way with this judge in approving Kyle’s placement.” “I hope so.” With Kyle’s troubled past, the only other placement option for him would be a group foster home or to extend his stint in the detention center he currently resided in. “Let me know if there are any more changes.” “You got it.” Matt hung up. Why was it, even when he had the best of intentions, he ended up messing things up? At least now he had even more of a reason to apologize to Lori. As much as he wanted her back in his life, he needed her. Kyle needed her. Unease settled in his gut like a stone. He hated lying. To anyone. But especially to Lori Bradley. “Everything okay?” Jasper asked. “Is Kyle still getting out?” “He sure is.” Matt picked up his pen, clicked it open and scratched his name on the divorce degree. A few seconds later, he set the sealed envelope on the counter, where it would go out in the afternoon mail.          Author Anna J. Stewart USA Today and national bestselling author Anna J. Stewart writes sweet to sexy romance for Harlequin's Heartwarming and Romantic Suspense lines. Early obsessions with Star Wars, Star Trek, and Wonder Woman set her on the path to creating fun, funny, and family-centric romances with happily ever afters for her independent heroines. Anna lives in Northern California where she deals with a serious Supernatural & Sherlock addiction, surrounds herself with friends and family and tolerates an overly affectionate cat named Snickers (or perhaps it's Snickers who tolerates her). When she's not writing books or her monthly blog for USA Today’s Happy Ever After, you can find her at fan conventions or at her local movie theater, or building her client list for her content editing services.

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